What our homeschooling is like on Friday


Tilawah - After Fajr we do tilawah of the Qur'an and its translation.

Qur'an Journal - The girls have been writing Qur'an Journal since last year. There are variety of way they can do. Mind mapping the whole surah is one of them. Writing a list from it. They would also write about their favourite ayah and some explanation why they like it and how the ayah effect their life or the life around them. Or they could do calligraphy whether in Arabic or English.

Project - This term our theme is Hajj and the girls were doing Kaabah mosaic. Masha Allah, they worked hard and what's important they learn heaps of thing like team work, patience, Islamic art, cutting tile, grouting and having fun. It took them 3 week to finish it. Their current project is sewing their own designed schoolbag. The designed part has been very interesting. Then they made it with the newspaper first before using real material. H is also knitting for her Qur'an class a bag. Masha Allah, H is teaching K how to knit. Every now and then the girls are making jewellery using beads and wires.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the girls worksheets, workbook and textbook free day. Hooray!!!

Swimming - every now and then they do swimming at our backyard pool, off course after they finished their school work. The girls just love being in the water and it is therapeutic.

Hifz - Before maghrib. Alhamdulillah the girls are doing Al Baqarah this term. They are doing it one page a week. Masha Allah, may Allah reward their effort abundantly. Ameen.

Du'a /Dzikir - After Maghrib every week we learn new du'a or dzikir in Arabic with its meaning. The girls will choose and write it on the white board so all of us can learn.


Sally said…
Asalaamu alaikum!
MashaAllah BarakaAllah Fiki...you make homeschooling look easy...and i was feeling frustrated with my 2 1/2... the 1/2 being the 1 yr old..lol...
very nice project, may Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'la reward you and bless you and all you love inshaAllah. Ameen
Asalaamu alaikum
Light said…
Wa alaikum as salam wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatu...

jazaki allahu khairan, sister Sally.

homeschooling is not easy as it look...insha allah the key is to be organised and plan ahead.

i have a 5 yr old homeschooling child. all day, she just play. you know the hadith about playing with your children until he reached 7, then you teach them, then you be their friend. may allah make your life easy, ameen.

ameen to all your du'a.

barak allahu fik.
umm aymin said…
assalaamu alaykum sister, MASHA ALLAH what a beautiful project, just looking at it, makes our heart yearn to be in Makkah!! May Allah take us all to Makkah. Aameen. We did tile mosaic for mirror and jewellery boxes, unfortunately can't take a pic. Just love the work the girls did, may Allah increase them in creativity. Aameen.

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