What Our Homeschooling Is Like On Monday


Tilawah - After Fajr we do tilawah of the Qur'an and its translation.

Qur'an Journal - The girls have been writing Qur'an Journal since last year. There are variety of way they can do. Mind mapping the whole surah is one of them. Writing a list from it. They would also write about their favourite ayah and some explanation why they like it and how the ayah effect their life or the life around them. Or they could do calligraphy whether in Arabic or English.

H - Math, English(Journal) and Science(Working Scientifically).

K - Math, Comprehension and Health

Usually before Zuhr the girls have finished all their secular work on their workbooks and textbooks. Masha Allah. If not they will stop for Zuhr then preparing the lunch between 12:30 to 2:00. After lunch and afternoon rest they will continuing their unfinished work.

Tuition- A lovely sister come for tutoring H and K on English and Math.

Karate - K is doing karate every Monday and Thursday at local community center with other muslim sisters

Hifz - Before maghrib. Alhamdulillah the girls are doing Al Baqarah this term. They are doing it a page a week reviewing the hifz after every 4 pages. Masha Allah, may Allah teach them and give reward to them abundantly. Ameen.

Tauheed - After Maghrib the girls are doing Islamic Studies in Tauheed section.
H is studying Islamic Studies Book 1 by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips while K is using Our Faith and Worship Textbook and Workbook by Dr Tasneema K Ghazi and Dr. Abidullah Ghazi.


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