Dinner at Lantaza Cafe

Last night, we went out for dinner. First we decided to go to Warong Bistari, Malaysian foods, then my dear husband wanted to go to Batavia Corner, an Indonesian Cuisine. After arguing and voting we ended up going to Lantaza Cafe which serves Indonesian foods.

Masha Allah, the foods was delicious. My dear husband ordered Nasi Goreng Acheh Special and Susu Soda while Honey chosen Chicken & Jamur (mushroom) Noodles and Orange Juice. Kai munched Noodles with Baso and Tazzie nibbled Martabak Acheh. They both had Avocado Juice. I ate Nasi Kuning Special and Bunny Latanza Juice which is a carrot juice if you wonder what it is. Muje was happy and did not complaining any discomfort as usual. I fed her before we left the house so I didn't have to take her special needs feeding equipment with us as she is feeding through nasogastric tube. I forgot to take the camera, so I could not preserved how appealing was the foods.

Alhamdulillah, we enjoyed our time together. We all love the foods there and had a great time.


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