Special appeal for Muslim family to adopt baby girl

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu


17 April 2007

A statewide appeal for a Muslim family to adopt a baby with special needs was launched today by the NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS).

DoCS’ Director of Adoption and Permanent Care Services Mary Griffin said the Department is
seeking a caring Muslim family to adopt Maya, a baby girl who requires special care.

“Looking after a child with special needs can be demanding but the joy and satisfaction it brings makes the commitment extremely rewarding,” Ms Griffin said.

“Maya is a 10-month old contented Muslim baby who recently started rolling over and is about to start crawling. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and has a hole in her heart.

“Maya needs adoptive parents who have patience and energy to give her constant care and the capacity to create a warm, supportive environment appropriate to her needs.

“We hope that with the assistance of DoCS, people who can offer this environment can come forward to provide her with a loving home,” she said.

Ms Griffin said DoCS is committed to placing Muslim children with Muslim families wherever possible.

“It’s very important for all children to have a sense of family and connection to their cultural heritage.

“However to be able to do this successfully we need more Muslim families interested in adoption.

“Many people, including members of the Australian Muslim communities, often associate adoption in Australia with secrecy and closed practices but NSW adoption laws have changed considerably in past years.

“Today all adopted children have the legal right to know about their birth parents, and the birth parents’ involvement in their child’s life is highly valued.

“These updated NSW adoption laws are consistent with Islamic adoption principles.

“Families interested in adopting Maya need to know that adoption in NSW is a legal process that permanently links a child to their adoptive parents. All legal rights and responsibilities of the birth parents are transferred to the adoptive parents,” she said.

Prospective adoptive families are provided with training and the opportunity to learn more about adoption through the assessment process.

People interested in learning more about adopting Maya can call the Muslim Foster Care Team 02 8713 7800. Arabic speaking workers are available to assist with inquiries.

Media inquiries: (02) 9716 2804 or 24-hour pager (02) 9214 0653.


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