Life Obstacles.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Yesterday, Muja and I went to the Oasis for Oxygen therapy. Once we arrived there, we went straight into the chamber. While it was pressurising, Muja started to cry. I tried to settle her down but there was no sign that she will stop. Maybe her ears hurt because she has running nose and coughing since that morning. So we decided to cease the treatment for that day because next time she will associate that chamber with pain. Alhamdulillah.

On our way home the car engine made strange sounds when I pressed the acceleration. I have to push the acceleration harder and it makes louder sound. Before I was having a problem with the engine suddenly stop when I break. Alhamdulillah. So I have to take the car to the mechanic. It means that we need more money to spend on the repair. Allahu Akbar. What am I going to do?

Today we took the car to the mechanic and he said that the transmission needs to be repair. There is no power except with Allah. Where am I going to find $2500 for the second transmission or $4250 for the recondition one?

To repair the car is our priority because we need transport for Muja's treatments. I am going out at least three times each week for the treatments. Every week I need to take her for Oxygen therapy twice. Then she has one or two other treatment for homeopathic, acupuncture or osteopath. Sometime she needs to go to the hospital for her orthopaedic appointment or hip surveillance and review. Alhamdulillah her speech and physio therapies are home based so they come to us.

I have a big headache to think about this at the moment. Meanwhile I have to make du'a that Allah will make it easy for us going through this obstacle. Then I must put my trust in Allah, while working on how to get the money.

I am sad actually. We have that amount of money which we have been saving for our Hajj, Insha Allah this year. I am feeling disappointed if we have to use our Hajj saving money to repair the car and we have to cancelled our hajj this year.

I don't know what Allah plans for us. I make du'a that whatever His plan is, He will make us satisfy and thanking Him for it. I have to believe that the Hajj is not obligatory for us unless we are financially able to fulfil it.

O Allah! Help me to accept whatever is beyond my control as a test for me. Ameen.


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