Al Mursalat Study

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu


Name of Surah: Al Mursalat

Surah Number: 77

Number of ayah: 50

Reveled In: Makkah


Special notes about its revelation:

Al-Bukhari recorded from `Abdullah - that is Ibn Mas`ud -- that he said, "While we were with the Messenger of Allah in a cave at Mina, (By the Mursalat.) was revealed to him. He was reciting it and I was learning it from his mouth. Verily, his mouth was moist with it when a snake leaped out at us. The Prophet said, (Kill it!) So we quickly went after it, but it got away. Then the Prophet said, (It was saved from your harm just as you all were saved from its harm.)''

Virtues of this surah:

Its Recitation in the Maghrib Prayer
Muslim also recorded this Hadith by way of Al-A`mash. Imam Ahmad recorded from Ibn `Abbas, who reported from his mother that she heard the Prophet reciting (By the Mursalat.) in the Maghrib prayer. In a report from Malik on the authority of Ibn `Abbas, he narrated that Umm Al-Fadl (his mother) heard him (Ibn `Abbas) reciting (By the Mursalat `Urfa.) (77:1) so she said, "O my son! You reminded me with your recitation of this Surat. Verily, it is the last thing I heard from the Messenger of Allah . He recited it in the Maghrib prayer (i.e., before he died).'' Both Al-Bukhari and Muslim recorded this report in the Two Sahihs by way of Malik.

Read the Tafseer of Mursalat for meaning

Ayah 1 to 7
Allah's swearing by Different Creatures about the Occurrence of the Hereafter

Ayah8 to 15 A Mention of some of what will occur on the Day of Judgement

Ayah 16 to 28
The Call to contemplate the various Manifestations of Allah's Power

Ayah 29 to 34
The driving of the Criminals to their Final Abode in Hell and how it will be done

Ayah 35 to 40 The Inability of the Criminals to speak, make Excuses, or step forward on the Day of Judgement

Ayah 41 to 50
The Final Abode for Those Who have Taqwa


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