The Official Opening of Conductive Education Centre Building

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Yesterday Muja, her father and me went to the Opening of Conductive Education Centre of Western Australia Buildings at Carson Street School by Senator Mark Bishop. I am so overwhelm because I have been waiting for this official opening since term 2. This importance to celebrate CE service is finally here in Perth, WA.

There has been a lot of ups and downs in CE here in Perth. At the beginning of this year the program for School for parents has to stop because a lack of conductor. But I was allowed to attended the session while my child attend the kindy of CE. The SfP began in Term 2. I am so proud to be part of my child learning experiences. To see with my own eyes my child making progress is priceless. I have lots of tears of happiness seeing the opportunities given to my child and I had learn a lot too.

Then there was an issue of running out of fund for the children up to four years of age. Alhamdulillah, parents at this school joint together in the community of School for Parents wrote letters to the Primear and Minister of Education for ongoing support of CE. It was also stated in the respond letter that I received from the Minister for Education that
The issue of on-going funding for the program for children up to the age of four years will be considered by the Department of Education and Training for the 2009/2010 financial year.

The good news is the school is getting 2 more Conductors even though it needs 2 more to run all the programmes. I am sure with the Minister of Education reassurance to identify qualified Conductor will help to find the suitable Conductors.


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