Helps is just around the corner

A month before Muje had her hips surgery, about end of October , I called a few charity organizations to ask funding for air conditioner. After some calls, Southcare Inc was willing to assist me lodge the application. There are a few things needed for submition, like a letter from medical practitioner stating Muja's condition, quotation from two places and income statements. The paper works took a bit of time especially letter from the doctor. Once the application ready, it is a matter of waiting.

Alhamdulillah last week I received a good news that the application is accepted. It took almost two and half month. The day I received the cheque I can't believe my eyes it was for real. Alhamdulillah, although the air conditioner is a little bit late, at least for the rest of this summer Muja will be comfortable with an air conditioner in her own room. I can't wait until January when the installation will take place. For now is another waiting game and I hope the temperature won't go any higher than 35.

Muja needs the air conditioner because she could not regulate her body temperature as she is physically not moving. When she is not comfortable she cries which will make her body sweaty and warm. Sometime it is tricky to understand her because she could not tell. Alhamdulillah, now she uses PODD communication book, a book with pictures and symbols to speak. Masha Allah, she is good at turning her head for "no" and for "yes" she tries moving her lips or blinking her eyes or smile.

I would like to thank the financial consultant at Southcare for her help. I really appreciate her good work of helping people in needs. Masha Allah there are a lot of government funding to approve non-government organisations to help them meet the needs of individuals who have a disability in perth so just ask around or start here or here.


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