Muja's communication progress

Masha Allah, Muja is really good at her communication now. She uses her PODD book more often to tell me anything like when she thought the nurses at PMH were helpful when she stayed in the hospital. She is very honest about everything for example she does not like her baby because she is noisy. She has a good sense of humour when she told me that she likes her uncle... NOT and gave him a big cheeky smile.


I want to tell you something
I want to show you something
It’s in
something to eat or drink

With the PODD communication book she told me that she wanted to tell and show an activity that goes in, which was drinking water through her mouth using a water bottle.

Masha Allah, as you know Muja does not drink or eat orally. When I put water bottle in her mouth and gently squeezed some water in her mouth. She swallows it. She even asked for some more water using her voice and when she finished she turn her head away. I told her that it was cleaver for her to show me that. Alhamdulillah, may be she is ready to drink using her mouth.


I am telling you something
It's about now
watch TV
TV show
turn TV off

I told Muja to watch TV, but she wanted the TV off. Instead of turning the TV off, her sister who was watching, turn it down. As her sister didn't want to turn it off I turned Muja's wheelchair facing the wall.

I like it

She told me that I was cleaver by turning her face away from the TV.

something wrong
angry, grumpy, mad
and she looked at her sister Neefa

Muja told me that she was angry, grumpy and mad at her sister for not turning the TV off.


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