Great videos of CECWA - Conductive Education Centre of WA

I just wanted to share with lightnur readers these two videos that I took from the youtube cecwa1 profile about Conductive Education in Western Australia. These videos are also featured in the CECWA website. Please visit the website and learn about CE and you can always support generously through it's link here.

The first video is a Conductive Education in WA - every kid can: a visual journey

A moving picture journey of children with motor/physical disabilities and assoiated needs engaged in Conductive Education in a school setting: footage from families associated with Conductive Education Centre of Western Australia (CECWA) -

Masha Allah, a fantastic video of Mujhee and her awesome friends. Please pay special attentions at 0.20, 1.02, 1.16 and 1.22 for Mujhee. =)

The second video I would like to share with you is About CE in WA, CECWA and family stories - interviewed

Conductive Education Centre of Western Australia (CECWA) - history of Conductive Education Centre in WA; the CE education approach explained by teacher conductor; and parents share family stories, their perspective, and why CE is important to their child.

See if you can recognise Mujhee in the second video.

I am telling you both these videos especially the first one give me hope for the oppurtunity that Mujhee gets from CE. First of all, I thank you Allah for making CE exist in WA so that Mujhee can attend it's fantastic program. I thank Allah for giving Mujhee a special program that can help her to develop her motor skills.

I thank Allah for sending us great people to care and cherish my girl, and to work with their love. Thank you very much to all staff at Carson Street for their compassion. I only hope I can thank you enough. It's people like you who make a difference in this world! Keep up the good work!

It makes me shed tears, looking at Mujhee and her other special friends in these videos. All of them have worked really hard just to do simple things in life, like sitting, standing, rolling and communicating, that we didn't appreciate until we lose one. Subhana Allah, may Allah open our eyes to His bounties and be grateful for what He bestows on us.

Insha Allah, I hope you enjoy it. And do leave comment.


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