Goodbye and I love you.

"Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return." Quran 2: 156
"And to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And all matters go back (for decision) to Allah."  Quran 3:109
How could you be happy on your birthday, when a few days before your dear friend passed away? Last month was Mujhee's birthday. A few days before it, her dear friend, Aliyah, passed away. Mujhee was sad and I could sense it.

I asked Mujhee about Aliyah using her PODD communication book and here what she said
I don't like this, sad. Chat words, uh oh. More to say - chat words, goodbye. More to say - chat words, I love you. More to say - chat words, finish.
The day when I mention to Mujhee about Aliyah's funeral, she had tears on both of her eyes. I went to the funeral alone but I promised to take her to Aliyah's perfect resting place one day.

Mujhee at Aliyah's cemetery.
Our family are extending our deepest and heartfelt sympathy to Aliyah's family, especially to her amazing mum and wonderful sisters. We are deeply saddened to hear of their lost. Our prayers are with her family during this time of sorrow.

God saw Aliyah getting "tired" and a cure was not to be. So He sent His angel to her and whispered "Come back to your Lord." With tearful eyes we watched her, and saw her pass away. Although we loved her dearly, we could not make her stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.

Aliyah brought so many gifts to our life and we will never forget her smiles and her giggles. This world will not be the same without her.

We miss you much.

We love you much.

See you later Aliyah, in Paradise!


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