What Our Homeschooling Is Like On Thursday

Tilawah - After Fajr we are do tilawah of the Qur'an and read its translation. We would focus on tajweed rules especially the maad because the girls sometime did not say it. They rushed in reading. Then we would discuss the ayah we were reading.

Arabic Language - Every Tuesday and Thursday. Alhamdulillah the girls have been doing Arabic nearly 6 years. Our aim for this year is to learn the qur'an vocabulary words, its meaning and spelling test. There is a nice easy way to understand qur'an that we use. My dream is that the girls understand what they read and put it into practise. We will keep on going for Allah sake.

K - Mental Math, Math, Writing and SOSE.

H - Math, SOSE, English and Health.

Internet Time - They do research on our theme for this term which is Hajj and learn to do setting, posting and editing their own blog.

Hifz - Before maghrib. They are doing surah Al Baqarah one page a week.

Lives of the Prophets - After Maghrib, the girls listen to audio tape by Anwar Al-awlaki. This term they study on Tape 4 The da'wa of Ibrahim to his people: Ibrahim and al-Nimrud, The hijrah of Ibrahim(as), Ibrahim in Harran, Ibrahim in Egypt, Ismail(as) Tape 5 Building al-Ka'bah: The virtues of Ibrahim(as). After listen to it, they will do comprehension based on the section they had listen to.


ukhti27 said…
salam alaik ya ukhti al-kareemah...

alhamdulillah, nice gesture...
may ALLAH Azzawajalla increase us all in iman.
amin ya RABB.

mabruk ya ukhti,
teruskan perjuangan
dan moga istiqamah hendaknya... (^^,)

salam mahabbah dan salam ukhwah fillah.
izinkan ana untuk link blog ini ke pondok ana ya.

jazakillahu khairan kathira.

ALLAHu a'lam bisawab.
Light said…
Wa alaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

salam ukhwah to you too and please do link my blog to yours

may allah bless you

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