Finding modest swimwear for a Muslimah

In the name of Allah; the Merciful; the Compassionate
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you - السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I am in a mision of finding a modest swimwear. Masha Allah I was surprised because I saw quite a few of them. May be you would ask why I want a swimwear? I have to admit it that I can't swim. I don't like going to the beach because I hate sunburn. Well I want a swimwear because I need to take Muja to Hydrotherapy myself.

The Ahiida Burqini Swimwear is design by Aheda Zanetti, an Australian Lebanese. I like the Ahiida® 2 piece Burqini®™ Modest-Fit more than the Slim-Fit because its pants is not too tight. I don't like the hood though because it looks funny to me.

The Bodykini has been designed to respect Islamic values principle of modesty by only exposing face, hands and feet.I prefer the Modest Bodykini Swimwear more than Ahiida Burqini Swimwear because its plain style and dark colour. Its hood is better than the Ahiida's hood.

TheSplashgear is the idea of Shereen Sabet, who's a microbiology scientist, to create swimsuits that would conform to the Muslim dress code, but also be comfortable and fashionable. I find the Splashgear swimware shirt too bright and shiny. I like the Resort shirt compare to Island shirt because its looser fitting and longer length. I really love its pants especially the La Femme, which is combining an A-line skirt attached to the Sport pants.

After searching for a while I found the one that I like the most. It not only looks modest to me but also not as expensive as the others. Zikky swimwear is a Malaysian owned company. What I really like is its cap and head cover that cover your chest area.

Insha Allah when I got my swimwear I can do hydrotherapy with Muja where she can benefit from it by relaxing her stiff muscles.

Hydrotherapy is actually a form of treatment. Its benefits include strengthens muscles, pain relief, increased mobilities, stress reduction, cardiovascular fitness, relaxation, improves balance and co-ordination. It is instructed by a Aquatic Physiotherapist or qualified Instructor. It is conducted in a heated pool therefore it can aid in muscle relaxation, just what Muja needs.

Last year Muja done hydrotherapy at The Center for Cerebral Palsy with a volunteer. I would love to do with her but I didn't have appropriate swimwear at that time. Anyway I took it as a rest time for me from Muja as my care for her is like 24/7. Currently she is doing Hydrotherapy once a week at her kindy, Carson Street School.


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