Mujhee's fourth AFOs

On term 3 of 2010, during Ramadan, Mujhee's teacher told me that her AFOs were too tight for her and recommend not to wear them any more. I spoke to Mujhee's physiotherapist from Therapy Focus about them. I didn't expect her call a week later with an appointment at Ortothic Solution for a new AFOs on the 20/08/2010.

For this appointment I had to pick up Mujhee's sister early from school to accompany us. Other wise how on earth could I manage to carry Hana and push Mujhee at the same time and who is going to hold Mujhee for casting and mind Hana while I do it? Anyway Mujhee is so fortunate to have sisters who could always be count on. Wait until her sisters get a driver license, so they can drive her around. ;-)

Alhamdulillah, the day we went for casting, her physiotherapist also came. It made things so much more easy as she can do all the talking. I get physically, and not to mention mentally, tired of talking expecially when we get a lot of appointments at the same time. That time we saw Paul, an energetic young  but professional Orthopedic Surgeon, who made the session a bit interesting.

It took two weeks (3/9/2010) for the AFOs to be ready for fitting. They look great on Mujhee and her foot look bigger. Alhamdulillah, we don't have to go back again as it fit Mujhee perfectly.

This is Mujhee's 4th AFOs.  From memory she had her first one when she was about one year old. The AFOs are used in the treatment of disorders that affect muscle function. They help to control ankles and weak limbs. I don't have a post about her first and second AFOs but there is a post about Mujhee's third AFOs or splint in Casting and Fitting Muja's Ankle Foot Orthoses - AFOs.


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