I am taking Mujhee to Chiro now.

Six months ago Mujhee's hips and spine x-rays showed dislocation on her hips by 36% and her spine by 15% curved. With the result I was worried if Mujhee would need another surgery in the near future. So I decided to take her to chiropractor for treatment.

At that time I had the worse back pain like my dear friend. I just took some homeopathic remedy, arnica and rubbed my back with the massage oil I made using essential oils of black pepper, ginger, rosemary and marjoram. Alhamdulillah it got better, but didn't cure it. My friend told me that she was seeing a chiropractor and she recommend him to me for Mujhee.

The first time is always hard. It took me two months to get Mujhee an appointment for her first chiropractic treatment after the last x-ray results showed some concern. She might need another surgery if the hips got worst. The initial appointment was longer than the actual treatment, as the chiropractor asked a lot about Mujhee's medical history. 

Since then we visit him twice a week, eventhough we were asked to come three times a week. After that it was reduced to once a week and now we come fortnightly.

The spine should be well aligned so the nerves can work properly. The nerves job is to carry message to tell each of your body parts what to do. If the spine is misaligned, the nerves might not work properly. This can affect your sight, hearing, heart, brain funtion, muscle funtions, hormones and so on. For someone with special needs like Mujhee, her spine becomes easily misaligned from poor posture. 

For the treatment, the chiropractor hold Mujhee on his lap while running through her spine with his fingers. Then he put Mujhee on the treatment table before manipulate her spine using his hands. Usually Mujhee is laid on her side, left and right to adjust her lower and middle spine. Then he lays her on her back to do her upper spine and head. 

After 2 months of treatment, the chiropractor said that Mujhee conditions was 60% better than the first time he saw her. I agree too, because her muscles are more relaxed most of the time. At some stage even her sleeping got better, but now it is still a huge issue for me to find the solution.

Insha Allah I will write more about Mujhee. There are so much to write about, I just hope I have the time to do it. 


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