Fifth Inset: Custom made wheelchair seat.

Mujhee has a new inset every 2 years. This would be her fifth insert. If every insert cost more then $4000, so up to now we could have been spending more than $20 K in her 10 years of life. That's only to custom made her seat only. I have not included her purple wheelchair yet which was about $5000, when we got it six years ago.

This year, it began in the middle of the year when Mujhee, her therapist from Therapy Focus and me went to go to CP Tech to see it's physiotherapist for the custom made wheelchair seat quote. That day we discuss what support she need. After we got the quote, Mujhee's therapist apply the funding. It took almost two months until we got the funding, alhamdulillah, then we went for the second appointment for measurement.

The process of making the inset can get very long hard work. When you have to go up to seven appointments, it feel likes it's never end. After the quote and measurement, we have five more appointments to work on and try it whether the inset served it's purpose. The third and forth appointments was the longest. It took almost 4 hours. The technician at CP Tech were very professional and exceptional. Withe the directions of the therapists, together they worked on a new wooden base, the cushion, thoracic, new hips strap, and pulmo.

On the fourth appointment, they worked on carved the cushion, a new tray, a new foot straps and fixed the thoracic. The fifth and sixth appointments were 2 hours each. The fifth appointment they worked on a new headrest, trimmed the pulmo, adjusted the foot rest.

On the sixth appointment they worked on the shoulder straps, trimmed the headrest and adjusted bits and pieces. Finally I sent the wheelchair to something engineering in Malaga to get the inset covered and the wheelchair serviced. This year we decided to cover it in black. It took 2 working days.

All the long wait and hard work of the CP Tech's physiotherapist and technicians, Therapy Focus physiotherapist and occupation therapist was worth it, after you see the final inset. I could not thank enough to all the people who were involved in the making of this inset. Indeed we are all together in it.


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