Wheezy breathing.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Today, Muja had an appointment at Respiratory Department in PMH. Before the appointment my husband, Muja and me went to Nutrition Department in Level 3 to order Muja formula, Pediasure. Alhamdulillah Nicole, Muja Dietitian, was in. She said that she will write the prescription and it will be delivered to us in 10 days.

After that we went to Patient Appliance Centre in basement to order Muja Nasogastric supplies. The man at that centre said that I have to make an order through Visiting Nurse. I told him that the Visiting Nurse is closed. He checked for me. He found out that the Visiting Nurse have moved to Ward 5A and now call Nursing in the Home.

We went up to Ward 5A but the nurse directed us to go down to Gastroenterology Department in Level 3 on the left side of the lift. We went back to Level 3 and found the place. The nurse who was in charge was not in but alhamdulillah we can leave the order at the receptionist. We ordered nasogastric tube, tubes and bottle for kangaroo pump; 60 and 10 mls syringes, syringe extension, litmus paper and tape for nasogastric tube. Insha Allah we will coming back in 2 weeks to Patient Appliance Centre to pick up the supplies.

End of 2006 Muja was sent by ENT to the Respiratory Department because she made wheezy sound when breathing. Read previous post here about her sleeping management. She attended a Sleeping Study where her sleeping was monitor overnight at the clinic. She was sleeping well that night. Alhamdulillah, the study found out that there was no problems with her breathing and nothing to worry.

What I find is Muja usually gets block nose when the weather is cool. When her nose is block, her breathing make wheezy sound. May be her nasogastric tube effect her breathing. I don't know. I give her Ant Tart, a homeopathic remedy, for it. It works well and her wheezy breathing stop. Alhamdulillah, she normally does not catches chest infection as well. Masha Allah she is healthy, alhamdulillah.

At the appointment today, the doctor asked about her well being after last seen. I told her that since the study she was fine except for winter or when the weather is cool her breathing is wheezy. The doctor was asking me about her sleeping time. When asked about her sleeping time I answered that her normal time of sleeping is after midnight. I also informed her that from October last year to January this year she was on Chloral Hydrate prescribed by our GP for sleeping but the medicine didn't worked on her. She slept after or around midnight and sleeping through out the day. Most of the time she staying up all night even after I gave her the medicine. I stated that I gave her Melatonin which I bought from Health Shop but it does not help also.

So she suggested a Melatonin prescription for Muja sleeping problem and another sleeping study. The prescription needs government authorisation before we can takes it at the PMH pharmacy. It will take 2 weeks. So Insha Allah with Allah permission, I am hoping that her sleeping will be manageable with medicine.


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