Sleeping Management Review

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Today Sue from TCCP Sleeping and Emma, Muja's Occupational Therapy, came to discuss Muja's sleeping management. I have to record her activities for 2 weeks and see if there is any pattern to her sleeping.

Following are things I will do as suggested by Sue:

  1. To create day and night routines so that Muja is aware of night time and day time. The night time routine should include dinner at 6:30, warm bath at 7:30 and bed time at 8:00. I will try to make night time boring and don't forget to off the light so Muja knows that it is night time and bed time. Her day time routine should including swimming, sitting in living room and outing early morning to get some sunlight.
  2. To make her 8:00 pm feeding warm because that help sleep better.
  3. To give her Melatonin at 8:00 pm. I need to see Muja's GP to get prescription for Melatonin. If Muja sleeping didn't improve get refer to PMH.
  4. To try foods rich in carbohydrate as it will help sleep better according to study.

I told Sue that early this year ENT from PMH referred her for Sleeping Study because he was concerned about her wheezy breathing. She was aware of that and had contact PMH regarding Muja situation. Anyway we did the study and there was nothing to concern about her breathing. Actually that night she sleeps better throughout the study.

On her initial appointment I have concern about her sleeping pattern and told the doctor that I am having problem to make Muja go to sleep. But once she asleep, she has a really good 12 hours of sleeping without afternoon nap. I informed her that she sleeps so late and it affecting my sleep, because I have to wake up early doing my daily things. She told me that if that was the case it was my problem not Muja's, so what I can say. I was hoping she has more understanding.

Meanwhile Emma will be referring Muja to Nutrition to look at better food to manage her constipation.

I am hoping, Insha Allah, Sue gains something new from the World Sleeping Conference she is going to during this weekend. She was a bit nervous about it but I am sure she will be doing great on her presentation. Sue is so humble when she refers her as nothing compare to other specialist who came from all over the world. She was also saying that she like raining because when summer came we will realised how raining is mercy for us.

Insha Allah something good will happen from this review and I put my trust in Allah.


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