Muja hip update.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

It is spring school holiday here in Perth. There is no kindy for Muja for 2 weeks. There is no physio therapy, no speech therapy and no occupational therapy also during this school term 3 holiday. Alhamdulillah no appointment. I feel relax and calm. Alhamdulillah I'm not busy.

Muja's health is so great, masha Allah. A few posts ago I let you know about Muja hip review where I mentioned about how stiff her legs are because the Botox is wearing off. But masha Allah, Allah has made Muja's muscles relax without the Botox. La houla wala quwwata illa billah (There is no power except with Allah). I notice the ayat on the title of my blog say that "Verily, You are Able to do all things." Indeed I believe that Allah is able to do all things. Allahu Akbar.

I prayed to Allah so hard during Ramadan. So did her father and her sisters. One night during the last ten nights of Ramadan her sister was distressed at Muja crying of pain. She was so worried about her pain. I was worried as well because her next Botox injection is in 2 weeks. It is a long way. Then I suggested that we make du'a for Muja. Together Muja's sister and me said the supplication for a sick person 7 times right from our hearts.

Alhamdulillah, that night Muja sleep real comfortably and since that night her legs are not so stiff. She is relax and her muscles are loosen and no complains from her about her hip. Not that she can tell me that her hip is alright. I can sense her being so well because when I touch her hip, she did not mind at all. Changing her nappy is not so hard. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

Usually I apply Arnica oil on Muja hip and legs, which I made using arnica infused oil with lavender, marjoram, rosemary and basil essential oils. Masha Allah that oil relief her muscle pain.

I also use a wheat bag for a natural remedy of ache and pain. I heated the wheat bag in the microwave oven before using it on her hip and legs to relief the muscle pain.

Her father also massage her with a special massage oil he made for Muja. She love the massage. Only towards the end when her father put her on her tummy she feels uncomfortable and she cries. Maybe that position hurt her hip so bad.

I am so grateful that Allah protect her hip from being stiff so that can avoid her hip from dislocating like what happen to Afiqah who had to do surgery on her hip recently. My du'a is always to Afiqah for her well-being.

I ask Allah to preserve Muja health and our health so that we can serve Him in the best of our ability, Ameen.


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