Misk Aroma Handmade Soaps

My dear husband and I are soap maker. Our soaps are handmade from vegetable oils like palm, coconut, olive and rice bran oil. The soaps are coloured to add character. We are not using any animal fat and harsh chemical preservative in our halal handmade vegetable soap. The soaps are scented using essential oils with fragrance oils. This month, we are presenting Peppermint & Citrus Lime (green), Lavender (purple), Lemongrass (yellow), Orange & Patchouli (orange) , and Rose Geranium & Deluxe soaps (pink).

For any inquiry please contact us.


Ilm said…
MashaAllah they look very beautiful! How do you achieve so much with five kids? May Allah make it easy for you (ameen).
Light said…
Jazaki Allahu Khairan. This is what Alah has willed. There is no power except with Allah. Ameen to your dua too. Barak Allahu Fik.

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