TCCP You Make My Day

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

We went to The Center for Cerebral Palsy because Muje is doing hydro-therapy every Wednesday this term. I left home early to dropped my daughters to their Qur'an class.

On our way to the swimming pool Tazzie was explaining to me about the meaning of "early and late".

"Mama, if they are in the pool then we are late.", Tazzie told me.

"Is that right?", I asked her.

She said, "Yes, mama."

Then I asked her what if we are early. She said, "We are early if they are not in the pool yet."

Tazzie was happy because we were early today. I remember we were late last week. We went to the physio dept to fit Muje new tray. Now, I get it. She didn't want to be late. Then she can't be in the pool long.

No one was in the pool. We saw Kate, one of the volunteer. She said that she was sorry that I have to drive all the way. I did not understand her. Then she said that we can't use the pool because they are doing maintenance. She said one of the physio called me about cancelling the hydro, this morning but I missed it.

I said Alhamdulillah, meaning its okay with me, cause I can go to my mum's instead. She complained to the maintainers of their short notice. They end up letting us use the pool and they will do the maintenance after that. Then Kate went to call Emma, the physio who is doing the hydro today. It was only Muje and Tazzie doing the hydro. I assumed the other got the message and didn't come.

I was shocked of their willingness to stop the work only for a child like Muje. A million of thanks also to Emma and Ruth who prepared to get wet only for us even though it was cool today. It is winter in Perth. And to Kate, thank you for your advocacy of speaking up for us. I can see how genuine their work for helping other. At the end of the day I usually question what are their satisfaction of working with the disabled and their family? For a Muslim like me it is easy. It is for the sake of Allah, to please Him only and also to get the reward from Him in the Hereafter.

Subhana Allah, these people are really trying hard to served us. Look at how they make our life easy. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful having a child who physically and intellectually disabled but is highly value in this society.

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