Homeopathic remedies for fear.

I found this in Muja's Homeopath, Kate, Arnica Montana Newsletter March 2004. Hope she doesn't mind I copy paste the Homeopathic remedies for fear. So here what she wrote about the remedies.

Fear is intense, so much so that the patient becomes frantic, screams, groans, gnaws the fist, bites the nails, want s to die .May even predict the hour of
death. Sadly we see these scenes on our televisions every day on the news where there have been explosions and bloodshed. These patients are much worse around midnight and may wake up terrified at this time –especially children. There is great anxiety, agonizing fear, and restlessness. Fear of death, of crowds, or crossing the streets, torture. Afraid to go out of the house –often in old people. Terror stricken.

Argentum Nitricum
Fear of impending evil. What if? Thoughts like this always in the mind – churning stomach, may have diarrhea with the anxiety. Makes lists about what they have to do in case they forget. Impulsive behavior which they cannot seem to control – wants to eat lots of sweets as a comfort. Fear of high buildings, crowds, of the dark. Has to hurry and walk fast.

Patient is in shock and says he is alright though obviously isn’t. Fear of being struck or touched, or approached, of sickness or instant death at night, of crowds, public places. Speaks slowly with effort when spoken to. Easily frightened –small things make him jump.

Arsenicum Album
Oversensitive, demanding, anxious, fussy, fault finding, over attention to detail –everything must be tidy and in order – i.e. if the world outside is disordered then at least their part of it must be neat and tidy –this way they can feel more secure in their immediate environment. Fear of death from starvation, of financial loss. Fear of being left alone in case he does himself harm. Sees vermin and insects. Pulls hair, bites nails, paces the floor

A state of weakness and collapse brought on by dread shocks ordeals –anxiety about death and pain. Wants to lie down all the time, but fears his heart may stop beating if he doesn’t keep moving Excessive trembling and weakness of the limbs. Ill effects of fright, fear, depressing emotions, anger, bad news, unpleasant surprises.

Alert over sensitive nervous-takes deep breaths may hyperventilate causing fainting. May sob and/or sigh a lot. Spasms with cries or involuntary laughter –irrational behaviour – e.g. may burst into tears in supermarket doesn’t know why. Fears he may never sleep again which keeps him awake all night.

Fears being alone – especially at twilight, of ghosts, about the future, of thunderstorms, of something creeping out from a corner. Timid and can’t make decisions. Anxious restless can’t keep still for a moment. worse in the dark or at twilight.


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