How I get ACROD parking permit?

This post is about how to get the ACROD parking permit, a parking permit to people with severe walking restriction if you live in Western Australia.

Almost every day I receive Muja's appointment letter. Sometimes it is for her appointment at Princess Margaret Hospital. If it is not her physio, speech and OT appointments from The Center for Cerebral Palsy then it can be her hearing appointment from the Australia Hearing.

Today, I received one particular envelope which is not familiar. Usually, I can tell where the letter comes from because of the label on the envelope. Anyway, I opened it. I found out that it was a letter from ACROD Parking Program.

My application returned too soon, I thought. I sent the application just a few days ago. It said that the process is 2 week time. A week ago, when Muja was not well, I took her to see our family doctor at Thornlie Medical Center. I brought the printed application form for the ACROD parking permit which I download from here to the doctor to be completed. Few days after that I made a money order at Australian Post for the administration fee of the application, before I sent it by post.

Why I need this permit? Well, I need it because Muja, who is 4 years now is unable to walk and she always restricted by a permanent disability. In the future, we were thinking of buying her a wheelchair. At the moment, Muja is using normal stroller which we bought at TARGET a few months ago because her old pram was not moving properly. We can attach Muja custom made inset on that stroller to support her sitting position. Even though she is not using a wheelchair, we still need a wider space to lift her in and out of the car.

This is a quick post on how to get the ACROD Parking Permit.


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