Muja's PODD Communication Book Part II

As I promise on previous post here is the second part of Muja's Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) Communication Book.

On tab or page 6 there is a pictograph with verbal cue of go somewhere. Under this pictograph there are more pictographs with verbal cues like home/somewhere in the house, in the car/ for a drive, CE (Conductive Education)/school, outside, visit someone, shop, park, swimming pool, beach, hospital/ PMH, somewhere else.

Do something is a verbal cue in tab 7. The pictograph of this cue is shown in the picture below. Under this page there is a pictograph with a verbal cue of move. Sometime there are list to any verbal cue. For instance in the move verbal cue there is a movements list including sit up, lie down, roll, stand, stretch etc. If the word we want to say is not in the book, we can add it to a list. There are other pictograph of verbal cues under this tab which include listen, see/look/watch, give, say/talk/tell ans something else.

Under tab 8 with a pictographs of verbal cue I'm asking a queation, there are verbal cue of you need to tell me yes or no, What's that?, What's happening?, Why?/Why not?, Where are we going?, Where is person?, Where?, Who?, When? and What's your name?

Then on the last tab 9 there is a pictograph with verbal cue of I'm telling you something. There are three small pictographs on this page like show below with verbal cues of something to say, you need to tell me yes or no and Is this what you're saying?

So that's it about Muja's PODD communication book. I hope I am not confusing you. You could always ask your child speech pathologist about this communication aid or perhaps other that suit your child better. I am so glad that TCCP is using this book as well recently. It is a shame that my child was not introduce to this system early in the TCCP Early Intervention Program. I guess it is better late that never.

Just remember this "Not being able to talk doesn't mean you have nothing to say." Communication Aid Users Society

To read Part I of Muja's PODD Communication Book go here.


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