Conductive Education Holiday Programme

Mujhee's conductor/teacher mention to me about CE holiday programme when I came to the Award Day on December last year. Not that I was not aware of it but I was too busy with Mujhee in the hospital and post surgery so I forgot to register my interest. Anyway I was glad when she asked me and Mujhee has been accepted for the program.

The program was during Summer school holiday, where the temperature is at its peak. It was a relief that only a couple of days during that week the weather was uncomfortable. It was organized by CECWA or Conductive Education Centre of Western Australia. Big thanks to CECWA for creating this opportunity for Mujhee and other kids like her. Mujhee attended this great program lead by Shona, a new Conductor at Carson Street School. She was excellence and it seem like Mujhee pay every of her attention at her. I notice that she has the magic touch and her voice makes Mujhee keep searching, following and looking for it, if you understand what I mean.

The program was for 5 days, even thought I would like Mujhee to attend more days. I wish it was available for more days but I must say that these five days I learnt a lot. The program made me miss the School for parents where I could get guidance of Conductive Education. There are so much things that I need to learn so I can help Mujhee to learn to do just a simple things like sitting and standing which we all take for granted. I don't know what I have until I lost it.

On her first day Mujhee was so tight and she didn't let me do any stretching for her on the plinth. At that time Mujhee just had her cast off and she complaint every time I moved and stretched her legs. The Conductor suggested me to cuddle her a few times to settle her down. There is nothing that we can do without making her upset, so that day we took it easy on her just with some gentle stretching with the help from EA.

I like the hand stretching very much because the purpose of that is to be able to shake hand when meeting with people which we usually do when greet each other.

The conductor recommended hydro therapy for Mujhee to help reduce her stiffness. Her father was eager to take Mujhee in the pool for the rest of that week. Like me, he also believes that water heals pain and relaxes stiff muscles. On the second day Mujhee was better especially after hydro therapy with a physiotherapist from Therapy Focus and her school's Education Assistant. Mujhee was also more settled especially without her AFOs because she developed pressure marks on both of her heels from the cast which she had for six weeks after her soft tissue surgery. Maybe she was uncomfortable the day before when I put them on.

I learnt that Mujhee needs leg wraps that support her knees when she is standing. The physio from PMH said that Mujhee is allowed to stand only at this stage. I saw that she was in so much pain when standing up but she tried hard for standing which touch my heart.

I am happy with Mujhee sitting at the plinth at activity time. The grasp bar helps her balance. I found out that she doesn't need arm wraps because she grasps that bar straight. It makes hand tasks a bit challenging for Mujhee as her arms are also stiff and she makes her hand into fists. It's hard to keep her fingers opened. I feel Mujhee tried hard to balance her sitting and holding on grasp bar and use her hand to do activity.


akubukanartis said…
Saya Napisah, pelajar jurusan TESL tahun 4 di UiTM Sh Alam. Saya adalah antara silent readers blog Puan :) dan mengikuti perkembangan adik Mujhee. Saya minor dalam bidang kaunseling. Subject Kaunseling Keluarga memerlukan saya dan beberapa orang kawan untuk menemubual keluarga kanak-kanak istimewa. Kami amatlah berbesar hati jika keluarga puan sudi untuk berkongsi pengalaman bersama kami. Jika diizinkan, kami ingin menemubual puan dan keluarga secepat mungkin. Kerjasama dari pihak puan, kami dahului dengan terima kasih.

Susie Mallett said…
I always enjoy reading your blog and I found the description of your time in the Conductive Education Summer programme especially moving.

I recommend your blog to other other parents of disabled children as I think they will learn a lot from your words. Perhaps also find inspiration and hope.

Susie Mallett
Salam Ummu Mujhee.
kesabaran dan ketabahanmu
inspirasi buatku
menelusuri ranjau hidup berliku
dunia ini pentas perjuangan
moga airmata yang tumpah ini
dikasihani dan dikasihi Allah selalu...
Mujhee,Allah sayangkan kamu..
auntie dah pindah rumah tau...
qaseh masyitah said…
Salam Ummu Mujhee
silakan ambil award ya di teratak saya

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