A visit to Independent Living Centre.

Mujhee sitting on the Symmetrikit Seating System.

Mujhee's OT has scheduled a visit to Independent Living Centre to look for Mujhee's toileting and bathing equipment during Term 1 school holiday 2010. I used the ILC website a few times, especially when I search for disability equipments. I heard about it a lot but this was my first visit to ILC.

Mujhee, her father and I meet Mujhee's OT at ILC. There we meet with the ILC's OT. She showed us two shower chairs
Joncare Dukki Commode
The DUKKI can be used as a toilet chair and as a shower chair and it is suitable for children from ages 2 to 14.
Aspects such as seating comfort, measurements, hygiene, easy operation and design played an important part in the development of the DUKKI, this effort was not without success, as it won several design awards.

And Nottingham Rehab Seahorse Sanichair
For 3-9 yrs. The Seahorse Sanichair can be used as a mobile over toilet chair, a freestanding commode and a shower chair. It is available in two sizes, both of which have two sizes of foam liners for the seat to provide four size options of Mini, Midi, Maxi and Super Maxi.
Includes contoured seat, water and chip resistant metal frame, large castors, removable splash guard pommel, large capacity potty, adjustable foot plate, body harness and foot straps.
Unit Weight: 15kg (33lb).

Mujhee tried sit on both chair but the Seahorse sit was supportive than the Dukki but the head rest of Dukki was better than the Seahorse. At last we decided to try the Seahorse.

We were told that we can hire the equipment from ILC for trial and use. We hire the Seahorse for $45 per month. Actually my cousin who heard about this has been so kind to sponsor this hiring for 3 month. Alhamdulillah, now at least I don't have to worry about it and giving Mujhee a shower is enjoyable and easy.

While we were there the ILC's OT asked me if Mujhee needs any other equipment as there is a Grants and Equipment Funding under New Equipment for Living Grant (EFL) 2010 - 2011. At that time I have nothing in my mind but then I asked Mujhee's OT what sort of equipments are under that funding. She mention about Symmetrikit Seating System For Children and we have an opportunity to look and Mujhee tried sitting on it.

Masha Allah once Mujhee sat on it we knew it that this is the right chair for her as she is at risk of developing postural deformity. The chair can support her head and trunk without restraint that can make her feel tight and uncomfortable.

Mujhee's OT also recommended Jupiter home seating system for her, but we fall in love with the first seat we saw at ILC, so we decided to apply the funding for the symmetrikit seating through ILC. I appreciate Mujhee's OT for helping us with the application. Insha Allah we pray that she will get the grant.

We were informed about R82 Flamingo Commode which was not on display at the ILC.
The R82 Flamingo Bath/Shower Chair is a potty and bath/shower seat in one. The size 1 Flamingo Bath/Shower Chair will support a child with special needs weighing up to 77 lbs. (35 kg). The approximate target user age for the size 1 model is 2 to 5 years. It has a reclining back, assisting when used for showering.

The Flamingo Bath/Shower Chair has a variety of optional accessories that can be used to support a child with mild to severe physical needs. The bath/shower chair seat is made of 100% waterproof upholstery and can be taken out of the frame and used as a toilet seat or bath seat. Best of all, the Flamingo bath/shower chair is lightweight and easy to fold for storage or transport.

Mujhee's OT gave us the contact where we can look. Last week we went there and tried Mujhee on it. The chair is lighter than the Seahorse which makes it easier to move around. It is compact so it wouldn't take a lot of space for storage. Storage for Mujhee's equipments is a big issue as she has a lot of equipments. Anyway I am glad Mujhee father likes it. I thought if he likes it too much, then he would also likes and enjoy giving Mujhee a shower, so I have one less chore. Alhamdulillah, we decided to take the Flamingo shower chair. Again Mujhee's OT will help applying the funding through Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP) for this shower chair.

Making decision is never easy with finding suitable equipment for a child with disability. We have to consider many aspect especially if the equipment can help Mujhee's high muscle tone or spasticity, head and trunk control. It takes time and energy. But Alhamdulillah, every time I have decision to make, I pray istikhrah and leave everything to Allah. I ask Allah to guide me. At least it takes out the stress out of me. Alhamdulillah and I feel satisfy with whatever my decision making is.


Asma said…
This is Raha. How are you all ? we are doing well and Alhamdulillahh settled in well. I do not remember your email id so writing here.Give our salam to kids. Muja is looking great with short hair mashaAllah.
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