Meeting with Mujhee's new therapist team.

I signed an application for Equipment for Living Grant on early month of May 2010 at Therapy Focus. Thanks to Mujhee's OT for filling in the application form for me. As I mentioned on the previous post we are applying for a Symmetrikit Seating System for Children as an alternative positional seating for Mujhee's complex needs. At the moment she has a wheelchair for seating. I feel that she can get really tight sitting on it after a long period of time. Please make dua that Mujhee will get this grant so she can have the recliner seat for her size.

While I was at the office I asked about Mujhee's other new therapists’ member which I haven't met yet. I received a letter stating that her therapist team has changed a few months ago but I haven't met with them personally except her lovely OT. The first time I met her was at CP Tech appointment on March 2010 for upgrading Mujhee's wheelchair seat. She is wonderful to work with and I am glad Mujhee has her.

It was nice to meet Mujhee's new physiotherapist and speech pathologist. I was glad Mujhee's OT introduced me to them, so at least, when I see them around at school I can at least say hello to them. From that meeting, Mujhee's physiotherapist made an appointment to see her and me, to discuss goals for Mujhee.

On the day we met, Mujhee's physiotherapist told me that she has been working with children with disability for almost 20 years. She has background working with Conductive Education in Hong Kong and loves working with children. She gave me her personal contact number and asked me to call her anytime.

We discussed goals that I wanted for Mujhee that included a home program, progress of her standing frame, second skin and new AFOs. She told me that I can help Mujhee standing between five to ten minutes without the standing frame. If she stands for more than these times with standing frame she is not using her legs muscles to stand up. Masha Allah, it makes sense to me.

She told me how grateful we are in here with a variety of fancy equipments. She said that in Hong Kong they make their own equipment. Alhamdulillah I am grateful for having great support from the community. I know Mujhee's life has become a lot more easy to manage with special needs equipment. She needs a wheelchair to help her move around, bathing and toileting seat for hygiene needs. She also needs a standing frame to help her stand, AFOs helps stretch her lower legs muscles that are usually over-flexed or contracted. There are many which I am not going to mention now.

I am thankful because without these equipments I am sure Mujhee's life and my life would be difficult. I just want to justify myself that I am not in anyway materialistic of these equipment but it is because these equipments help Mujhee's special need a lot. I just want what is best for her and can help her living her life better. I want her to have opportunity like any other children. I want a lot for her.

Masha Allah, I just realised that when I write any post in this blog, it is all about Mujhee's appointments, her special equipments and about her therapy’s. I don't know about you, but I never get bored writing about them. Here comes to the purpose of me writing a blog. Well, first of all I want to document what I have gone through or what my life is with a special needs daughter. Second, writing is a therapy for me; it kind of reduces my stress. Once I put it into writing, I feel much more relieved. Third, I write a blog to inform close family activities and the progress Mujhee makes. I can go on and on but I better stop now. I have to pick up my girls from school now.

Okay, I hope you enjoy reading my post as much as I enjoy writing it. Hope that you can some how benefit from it. And may Allah make my life and your life easier for the rest of it. Ameen.


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