When Mujhee sleeping time all get mix up.

Insha Allah in this post I would like to write about Mujhee's sleeping. I hope this sleeping post wont put you to sleep instead.

Mujhee's sleeping all of a sudden changed. Not for good but worst. But I tell you it was not too bad. I've been through a lot more worst time before, alhamdulillah.

It started in the middle October 2010, when the weather got warm. That night Mujee could not get to sleep. I turned the aircondition in her room on, but she still could not sleep.That afternoon she fell asleep in the car on the way back home. Her teacher told me that she had a nap at noon.

The next day I kept Mujhee at home as she didn't get enough sleep. I thought that she would be tired and knock down around mid morning but I was wrong. She was still wide a wake in the afternoon. Around 6 0'clock she fall asleep until morning.

One morning I got her ready for school. The same thing happened again where she fell asleep after school, then I found her awake all night that night. That weekend morning she was asleep all day until afternoon. That night she slept only for a few hours and stayed awake all Sunday.

Now I got to see her sleeping patern. Here it repeats.

That Sunday night she sleeps well but on Monday when I sent her to school she was still asleep. Around noon, her teacher called me to take her home as she was still asleep. They tried to wake her up but she kept sleeping. When she was at home she was still asleep until sunset. So that night she was awake the whole night. She did not go to school the next day and a few days after that because the change in her sleeping.

Maybe she needs medication to help her sleeping pattern get bact to normal. In the moment she sleeps just before midnight with the help of melatonin. Insha Allah I am hoping that her sleeping will get better and earlier in no time.

I just wonder if she is in pain. At school her teacher said that her spasticity is increasing. I notice her muscle is stiff more than they were before tonsils surgery. Maybe she should get back to Botox clinic or prescribed with some sort of medication. I don't know. Too much things are going on in my mind at this time, what I need now is to seek medical advise.


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