When you miss someone

There are moments in your life when The Most Highest teaches you and it hits you right into your heart. Well today there was a lesson that He taught me through a young man who I thought would never in a million of year stop and talk to me. You know how the young kids are. They think that talking to older people is not cool.

That day (Oct, 2012) Mujhee had her dentist and Botox under anesthesia  It was in the late afternoon and I was rushing home to avoid the traffic. When I reached the car park a car came and parked next to my car. Mujhee was on her wheelchair in between ours two cars. There was a young man around the age of my eldest son driving that car. I was worried and thought that he had bad intentions because he kept staring at us.

It came as a surprise to me when suddenly the young man has an interest about Mujhee and asked me, "what is her name?". After that he asked how old is Mujhee. Not only that, he also asked me if she has cerebral palsy. Then he told me that he has a brother who also has cerebral palsy. I asked him about how his brother but sadly he said that his brother passed away when he was seven.

That young man taught me about remembering the loved one. I could almost feel how much he missed his brother. Subhana Allah, I have been asking myself about  how I would remember my loved one when they are not with me anymore? The answer is I don't know


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