Lonely: Connecting with the Muslim community.

N: I'm asking you a question - You need to tell me Yes or No - Go to categories -  feelings

Mujhee: not, don't can't, feel, love -No
happy, embarresed, hate - No
worried, confused - No
angry, mad, grumpy, frustrated, sad - No
scared/frightened, upset, jealous - No
proud, lonely - Yes
proud -No
lonely - Yes

N: chat words - help

Mujhee: I want (do an activity) - outside activities - garden

N: I'm asking you a question - What do you think? (garden)

Mujhee: I like this - nice

The other day when Mujhee's sister, N, asked her about her feelings, she told her that she was lonely. N asked how she can help her. Mujhee said that she can help her by taking her to the garden. N took her to the backyard and asked her what she thinks. She thought that it was nice.Sometime a simple thing you do makes a big difference in other people's life. Masha Allah, I'm so proud of you, N, for your unconditional love and care for Mujhee.

I'm so glad and thankful that Mujhee has sisters, family and friends who value and care for her feelings and are also willing to help her in anyway possible. There are some barriers to break but it is possible to open the door of possibility. I'm also grateful for PODD communication book, without it Mujhee's voice could never be heard.

Although it made me upset to know that she was lonely, it helps me to understand her better. It was very wrong for us to think that just because she can't take care of herself, can't communicate verbally and is bound in the wheelchair, she has no feelings and needs. I think many people don't value her because they think she has nothing to say.

The way that people with disabilities are treated in this world is shameful and disgusting because we don't have time to understand how we can help them. We need to be aware of their stories so we can break the barrier and open the doors to inclusive in the mainstream society  .

It happens that the Muslim Youth Group called the Gemstones is finding new members for this year so I decided to ask them if Mujhee can join in so she won't feel left out or alone. Alhamdulillah she got accepted so she could attend the group once every month. Alhamdulillah, I am so thankful that the group are very positive and more than willing to include her. I'm so excited for her and in sha Allah it will give a lot of benefit to her and the group.

Without a doubt, I can see that someone like Mujhee can be very lonely but there are ways to help her like joining the youth group. At the beggining maybe the group don't feel the connection with her because not many of them understand her. Understanding someone takes time. Understanding someone who has multiple and complex support needs like Mujhee usually take longer time. I hope the group will give their time to get to know her better so they could feel the connection.

I believe the equality in all people regardless of their limitation. As human being we all have our limits whether we are a people of disability or not. So Mujhee deserve no less when you realize that we have more in common then any dividing differences.

In sha Allah, Mujhee just need a bit of your TIME to understand her otherwise she could feel lonely and deeply excluded from the society. Is a bit of your time is too much to ask?


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