M.. Progress

Alhamdulillah, it has been another busy week for M and me. On Friday, M have her appointment at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy to get her insert a new cushion. Alhamdulillah she has grown soooo much lately. She is putting on her weight and hardly vomiting. Insha Allah, I must train her to take food orally. I need to push myself to help her do it. O Allah, I am in need of your help. Please make me consistence and patience with this task. Ameen.

Although this is her second cushion, it have been the fifth adjustments since she had it in about a year ago. She looked more comfortable and it hold her in good symmetry position. She can also hold her head nicely. Alhamdulillah, at the moment we are waiting for a fund to have a new table attached to the insert.

This morning M have her another appointment at The Healing Point for cranio-sacral osteopathy. Recently, she was liking to turn her head to the right and stiff in that position. She would get too upset if we try to keep her head in the middle. Alhamdulillah after her treatment today, she does not intend to go to her right and keep her head upright.

I have started giving her Melatonin to help her sleep, about three week ago. On the first day I gave her, she stayed up all night. I was skeptical that it going to work. Alhamdulillah, she would go to sleep around 10pm to 11pm. She wake up once or twice but after changed her position she goes to sleep again.

The weather is getting cold. It make her nose blocked and wheezy sound when she breaths. Previous winters she was hospitalised and that was a challenging life in our family. I pray to Allah that He would make her immune system strong in approaching the winter season. Ameen.


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