My Soap, Her Soap

My 4th child Tazzie who is 5 came to me yesterday, when I was having my afternoon nap.

She said,"Mama, I want to buy your soap."

I was half asleep just answer, "Okay!."

Then she said, "Here the money, Mama."

I said unconsciously, "Hmmm."

She uttered, "Mama, I'll leave the money next to your pillow."

I nodded then I snoozed.

When I woke up, there are coins all over my bed and puzzled where these coins came from. Then I found my soap cut into small pieces. I was so angry and asked who did that. Tazzie with her smiling face, looked at me.

"It must be her.", I said to myself.

Then suddenly I remember what had happened. She bought that soap when I was half asleep. Right? The soap is hers now. Right? She may do whatever she likes. Right? So she has the right to cut it. Right? Masha Allah I was speechless and my heart melts...


MamaFiza said…
Dearest Lovely Mother,

May Allah s.w.t bless you and your beloved family.

Firstly, thank you so much for your sweet friendship. I'm truly sorry for the late reply due to I've just delivered my third baby on 09/03/2007, and I had my first e-mail checked on Wednesday.

You've such an amazing children! I love to read about your family.

Wish you could teach me more about motherhood plus muslim homeschool.

Thank you so much for everything. Have a nice day ;)

Light said…
Assalamu alaikum Mamafiza,

Congratulation on your new baby! May Allah bless you, and your family with this addition. Ameen.

Thank you for your nice comment. Insha Allah, if I can help you in anything please don't be shy to ask.

May Allah protect you.

Maa' Salam

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