Would You Rather Die or Live Paralysed?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

A sister has organised a meeting at her house last Thursday for Cerebral Palsy Awareness. On Wednesday night, I went to my sister to pick up the Curry Puff that I ordered from her friend. It is the least I can do fried Curry Puff that morning to take it to the sisters meeting after my daughter’s dentist appointment. This post is not about what happen at the meeting. It will be another post soon, Insha Allah.

What I wanted to say here is about our conversation in the car on our way back from my sister that night. Muja was unsettled in the car. She cried for almost 10 minutes until she tired. It was so noisy in the car because of her crying. Then suddenly she stops cried and went asleep. Alhamdulillah.

Khai broke the silent with a question whether I would rather die or live paralysed. I bit my lips and think a little while. Then I answered that to be honest, I don't know. Then my husband and Hani both said that they don't know also. My husband said that this was not something that you could choose. Allah wills it happen. It will be either way that Allah wills. This is part of the believes. And He has knowledge why it happens to us. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. We should Praise Allah on every situation.

In my mind I was thinking about Muja. Off course she didn't choose to live with disability. But Allah chooses to put her in our home to care and love for her. She is a blessing for us. She brings wonder in our family. Both ways Allah knows what is best for us and we thank Him for that.

Alhamdulillah, now when I see disability, it was not bad at all. It sure brings a lot of good thing to us. What is worse than having disability?
To be ignorant
No respect to other
No manners
Disobedient to your parents
Don't pray
What do you think?


Manaar said…

Jazakallah for the post sister, it was beautiful. It's sad how we always seem to focus on the outside and not the inside. We seem to care so much about being beautiful on the outside but forget the beauty that we should have on the inside. Their may be diseases of the skin or limps, that may make us less able in this world, but the diseases of the heart are more dangerous for our afterlife.

beautiful point sister. jazakallah for the post and may allah reward you for your efforts.
Lightnur said…
Waalaikumus salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Sister Manaar, jazak Allahu khairan for your kind words.

May Allah gives us beautiful heart and protects us from prejudging people based on their physical appearances.

Thanks for your visit and hope you benefit from it.
Anonymous said…
please.... I support your beliefs and I think you are a wonderful mother and I strongly respect you.... but could you please remove my son from your web site (Tobias Vizard or I will have it removed)...

Lightnur said…
Hi Julia

Thank you for leaving your kind words in lightnur.

There is nothing about your son, Tobias Vizard, in my blog. Which article in my blog about your son are you referring to and would like me to remove? Please give me the link.

Thank you and do come to lightnur again.
Anonymous said…
myizyvtsHello Lightnur..

If I was too "type" Tobias Vizard into a basic "yahoo search engine"... Your article "Would you rather die or live a paralysed come up? THis article appears as a link.. We currently advive that you look into this because there is a court case at the moment... and my lawyers will have to remove it... Or yahoo administration
Lightnur said…
Hi Julia

Thank you for your reply.

Your son name is not mention in my article "Would you rather die or live a paralysed?”. I don't understand why this article is appears as a link when you search his name in yahoo search engine. Does it happen in other search engines?

Anyway for your info my article "Would you rather die or live a paralysed?” has nothing to do with your son. It is about my life experience that I would like to share with Lightnur reader.

Thank you again and do feel most welcome here at Lightnur.

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