Acupuncture Appointment.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Yesterday we went to The Healing Point for Muja acupuncture appointment. Like usual I left the house half an hour before the appointment because it takes that much of time to get there. I forgot about the condition of our car. The car move slow even after I press the accelerator really hard. Alhamdulillah, we arrived there 15 minutes late.

After we arrived there, we waited for ten more minutes until we were called in the treatment room. This is the first time Muja sees Sono, although we knew her quite well. She used to asked about Muja condition most of the time when we came for osteopath appointment. She also recommeded her Chinese herb for her teething and constapation before.

Muja has running nose and coughing since 4 days ago. She is also teething. Her top right side molar and canine are coming out. Teething made her muscles stiff. It is her way of telling me that she is in pain I guest.

I was telling Sono that my biggest concern is her constipation. She has a major problem opening her bowel. Usually she is doing it every 5 to 7 days. It is hard and smelly like rotten egg or vegetables sometime. Its colour is dark green. I think cerebral palsy made her muscles uncontrollable so she cannot do it regularly like everyday. She bleed every time she did it too.

My other concern about her is her tight muscles. I told her that Muja's muscles are not so stiff since we are doing the oxygen therapy about four weeks now. I am only worried about her hips, because when she stiff she crossed her legs. That could dislocate her hips. She also fists her hands very hard.

Basically I was hoping the acupuncture will help her general well being, strength her immune system and repair her digestive system. But my long term goal for this treatment is for Muja to gain muscles strength so that one day she could hold herself sitting, standing, take her first step and walking. I was also hoping that she could control her hand more like pressing the switch to indicate her choice and eventually she could fully use her hand to hold and pick up something.

So the main treatment for Muja yesterday is her constapation. She tapped on Muja's pressure point before gave her the needles. Muja loves the attention she got from Sono as she taps her body, arms and legs. She was doing fine until the needle hit her tummy. The first three needles on her tummy was okay but the last one hurt her so she cried.

She also gets Chinese herb medicine to repair her gut and another one for her digestion.

The treatment made her tired and she slept in the car on our way home. Alhamdulillah after Maghrib she did a huge poo and she slept well last night.


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