Special Needs Progress

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Two night ago Muja didn't sleep well. Again she was teething. So that night and last night I have been staying up the whole night to be with her. I tried to put her to bed but she cried. She stopped crying when I hold her in sitting position. Her bibs and tops were soaking wet because she dribbled.

It was good in many ways because I have done so much things that nights. Likes praying, reciting Qur'an, preparing my daughters Ramadan learning activities for the next day and talking with my dear husband since he could not sleep as well that night because Muja was really loud. Alhamdulillah, I could also practise staying up late for Laylatul-Qadr.

Sometime I like to stay up late during Ramadan. I pray to Allah that He will give me an opportunity this Ramadan to stay up during the last ten days of Ramadan and especially on the night of Qadr devoting my worship on for His pleasures. Ameen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
This week I went in the chamber with Muja for her oxygen therapy. We managed to do two treatments every week, usually on Monday and Friday morning. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful for this treatment because her muscles was not as tight as before. Subhana Allah I love massaging her soft and relaxed muscles.

Oral Training
She does not mind if I brush her teeth now. But most importantly she does not mind food goes into her mouth. Alhamdulillah she could eat up to 20 teaspoons since the oxygen therapy compare to only 5 to 8 teaspoons before. Masha Allah! Masha Allah! Masha Allah! Make du'a for her that soon she could take off her nasogastric tube for feeding.

Cranio Osteopathy Appointment.
Last Saturday, Muja was seeing her osteopath for her treatment. This time I would like to post her photo in the treatment room with Ilana.

Standing Work Out
Her standing frame is going for a repair, so she practices standing with her walking frame. Her legs are more stronger than before. Although she loves standing her legs are still shaking occasionally.

Her sleeping has improve but since she is teething it disturbs her sleeping and our sleeping too.


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