Muja had tummy infection again.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Last Thursday, we were in the Coles doing our shopping when I heard my mobile rang. I looked at the screen and it said Carson Street School. It was Micki, a nurse at Muja's school, told me that Muja had a temperature. I said I'll come as soon as I can.

When I arrived at the class, Natalie, Muja's teacher was holding her in her arms. Micki was there too. She told me that her body was hot but she was shivering. They used cool pad to lower her temperature. Natalie was conserned about her seizures. She also said that it didn't feel like Muja.

She was unwell during weekend. She had tummy flu. She vomitted after her feeding. But that morning she look fine, so I sent her to school.

Anyway, I took her home but on the way home I decided to take her to the Naturopath. We never had been to this practice before. I found out that she is actually learning homeopathy with Kate, Muja's, homeopathic practitioner.

After long initial consultation she gave Muja Flu Complexes, a homeopathic remedy. As recommended we also get a muti-vitamin, DTM liquid, NRM Formula and probiotic, beneficial bacteria for digestive and immune system.

It was nearly 2 pm when we left the place. We went straight to Warong Bistari to have our lunch, as we were very hungry. We both eat nasi campur. When I was paying, my handbag fell on the floor. I heard glass broke. I realised that the multi-vitamin which I bought a while ago was in my handbag. It was liquid so it spilt all over my handbag and on the floor in front of Warong Bistari. In my mind I said Alhamdulillah. Allah was testing me.

That afternoon we ended up bought another bottle of that same multi-vitamin.

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