Muja second sleep study at Princess Margarate Hospital.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Since Muja was born and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, she always has problems with her sleeping. She had her second sleep study on last Thursday night. We arrived at PMH admission's office at 5 pm. We did an admission paper work before went to the Respiratory Department in Level 3. Before we were there, I found out that Muja's pillow was missing. I look around but can't see it anywhere.

When we arrived at Respiratory Department, there were 3 other children who were on sleep study as well. One of the nurses on duty was the same one we had on Muja's first sleep study on February, last year. Muja was weight (13.4kg) and measure (91cm) by the nurse. Her head was marked for the wires. Then we were taken to our room for that night. This time we had different room. It had more machines, camera and spacious. Alhamdulillah, my bed was better. I had a worse one last time and didn't get a good sleep.

I told one of the nurses about Muja's pillow before I went up to look for it. I walked all the way to where I parked the car in Murray Street. I saw something on the floor at the end of the tunnel for crossing Thomas Rd. to Murray St. It was dark so I could not see it until I got closer. Alhamdulillah, it is Muja's pillow but it was so dirty. I went back to my room to eat my dinner. While eating my dinner, I fed Muja orally before specially tube fed her.

I was reading my journal on my bed when two nurses came in at 8 pm. One nurse put wires on her body and the other wired her head. I thought the wires would make her uncomfortable but they did a good job tying the wires together. Muja has such a small head so the bandage on her head came off soon after she lay on the bed.

At 9 pm she started crying. I tried to calm her down by patting her body but she cried more loudly. Then I jumped on her bed and lay down next to her and cuddled her. She still was crying when I decided to hold her on my lap. So I sit up on the bed with my back on the wall while holding her. She stopped crying. Then I pat her body gently until she fell asleep which was at 9:30 pm. Almadulillah, when I put her down on the bed she was sound asleep. I lay down few minutes on her bed, before I felt uncomfortable and moved to my bed.

During sleeping I heard Muja loud breathing and snoring. Every time the nurse came in to check on Muja I was awaked but then I went back to sleep. Alhamdulillah, I had the best good night sleeping that night, thanks to the sleep study.

At 4:30 am Muja woke up. One hour after that, the nurse decided to stop the study because she was still awake. I noticed that the head of her bed was lifted up when I was awake. I stand by her side when the nurse unwired her. We got home at 6:15 am.

Now we have to just wait for the result. I prayed that everything went well, Ameen.


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