If you don't sleep I'll brush your teeth.

It has been a long time since I've updated this blog. Am I having nothing interesting to write anymore or what? Actually there are a lot of incidents that I wanted to mention here. It is just the time. Where is it gone? I don't know. This reminds me of a few verses in the Quran that speaks about time, Subhana Allah.

By the time. Indeed, mankind is in loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.Al Quran 103:1-4.

So insha Allah here is a quick update about Mujhee's sleeping. Last night Mujhee's father carried her from the lounge room to her bedroom. Neefa, her favourite sister, feed her before Kay, her other sister, get her ready for sleep. I was feeding Nana, her little sister, on my bed. Kay changed her nappy and put on her pyjamas. She said good night to Mujhee and continue doing her study for a test tomorrow.

After I put Nana to sleep I went to Mujhee's room to check on her. Her eyes were still wide open and she cried like her tummy was in pain. She was laying flat on her back. I took the wheat bags and heat them in the microwave oven before placing them on her foot and tummy. She was still crying with her mouth wide open. I told her that since her mouth was wide open I will get the tooth brush to brush her teeth. Meanwhile I went to the kitchen to get the other wheat bag. When I get back to her room she was fast asleep, so quietly I put the wheat bag on her other foot.

I just wanted to mention something interesting about my words which was the title for this post. This was not the first time I've said this to Mujhee. Actually it was the third time I said them to her and at each time after I said them to her she went to sleep right away, masha Allah. I have to mention here that since she was little she hates anything that enters her mouth, including food. So it is understandable that she doesn't like brushing her teeth. That was why when I say to her that if she doesn't stop crying and go to sleep I'll brush her teeth, she chooses to go to sleep.

The point that I wanted to make here is that she actually can understand us and she can make choice, alhamdulillah.


السلام عليكم
كل عام وانت بخير
عيد سعيد
تشرفت بزيارة مدونتك

معذرة علي عدم تعليقي علي الموضوع
لاني لا أعرف اي لغات اخري
غير اللغة العربية فقط

بلاد العرب - مصر - القاهرة

Peace be upon you
Each year and you are fine
Happy Holiday
I had the honor to visit your blog

Sorry for not my comment on the issue
Because I do not know any other languages
Non-Arabic only

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