Mujhee hearing aids is missing

After Mujhee's tonsils surgery I found out that her hearing aids were missing. I remember I packed them in Mujhee's bag a day before the surgery. She didn't get to wear them at the hospital because she was sleeping most of the time there. She was on quite heavy drug. When we got home they were not in the bag. I looked for them but could not find them any where in the house either. 

On Wednesday 17.11.2010, Mujhee had an appointment at Australian Hearing for reviewing. Australian Hearing is a government-funded hearing services for children up to 21 years old. Mujaheeda's missing hearing aids was funded through here.

When I told Mujhee's visiting teacher from WAIDE about the missing hearing aids, her only concern was if we will be in trouble for loosing it. Alhamdulillah when I told the audiologist about it, she said that she would order a new pair right away as it is an urgent matter. For now until the fitting day Mujhee hasn't used an hearing aid for almost three months. How silent is her world without any sound? I wonder if she likes living in the silence because she hates noise. She usually complains about us being so noisy. Remember the story about Hana, Mujhee little sister. She said that she doesn't like her because she is noisy.

She was unsettled on that day. I took her out from her wheelchair for a cuddle.  Alhamdulillah, her ears was great and there was no signs of ear infection. She needed a new moulds as well. I was still holding her on my laps when the audiologists made the moulds for her new hearing aids.

While the audiologist checked her ears, her sister, Tazzy played Mr and Mrs Potato Head with her. She asked Mujhee which body parts she wanted to put on. I was telling her that Mujhee can communicate by turning her head or looking away for no and looking at me, the thing or picture to say yes. So when she saw Tazzy and Mujee played she realised how Mujhee can communicates. It a is fantastic feeling when someone actually gets what you have been saying. Off course I feel frustrated when telling people that Mujee can communicate, but they look at me strangely or like I am insane.  She can talk? Are you serious? Are you saying that she can talk? Well I say, yes. She talks to me. She talks Mujhee's language. It's just that you are not trying hard to understand her language. Or maybe you are not giving her a change or perhaps not interested. Hello people!

I learnt a lot from Mujhee. One important thing that Mujhee ask me was to pause and take a breath. Communicate with non-verbal takes so much time which we all just don't have it especially in the world that demand everything in a fast motion.  Mujhee told me to stop and enjoy being in silent. She taught that the best word to say is not saying any word.

Some people just has to see to understand. Most of the professional that Mujhee see are in a hurry to do their job. They have no time to stop and listen to her and are not interested at all in giving Mujhee an opportunity to choose because they believe that she can't do such thing. What I want to say is that I was glad that after her audiologist saw how Tazzy play with Mujhee, she give her time to choose the colour for her new hearing aids. She let her take as much time as she needs with a happy face. I appriciate her understanding and time.

Stick around and I'll tell you what colour she choose and more about her new hearing aids in the next post, insha Allah.


Min said…
kak nurul,
my 2nd boy, ayman also lost his right hearing aids about a month ago. but they managed to replace with a new one. cerita gempak jugak pasal si ayman ni. dia g flush dlm toilet. takut punya pasal... anyway, hope muja makin sihat dan kuat ok! bole mama update blog...
cik min, UK

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