Oenanthe Crocata.

Mujhee was on prescribed homeopathic remedies since she was one and a half years until she was maybe around five years old. We stopped seeing her homeopath because she moved back to the UK. It was a great loss for us. After that Mujhee developed seizures and was unable to sleep at night. She was also more stiff than before. Generally she was not alert and not very happy either. Now she is on Clonazapam and Keppra to manage her seizures.

As a family we still use the homeopathic remedy for general illness particularly for cold and flus, teething and fever but nevertheless, I wish we have a homeopathy to prescribe us remedies for serious illness.

A few months ago I decided to seek medical advice from a homeopathy again. I call a brother from As Shifa Clinic who is a Naturopath in our community and prescribe homeopathic remedies. When we came for our initial appointment, he happen to know Mujhee's father very well. I thought, well man, specifically my husband, is he really present and what is he really doing? Just a circle of sleep, wake up, eat and go to work! Hello! We have problems here. We need a solution. We can't just swept it under the carpet and pretend it's gone.

Right, to cut the story short, Mujhee's homeopathic prescribed her oenanthe crocata 700c remedy recently. The first time I gave it to her was at night before she went to sleep at 9 pm. She fell asleep at 11 pm. After that night, her sleeping got better and better every night. I feel like I have a new Mujhee. Most impotantly, she is so much more alert and I can see the brightness in her eyes. I haven't see serious seizures in 10 days, however she does get seizures when she was unwell from coughing recently. 

Alhamdulillah, since that initial appointment we have done a couple of reviews. Insha Allah, we will get the right remedy for Mujhee's seizure and I'm hoping to see more Mujhee. Ya Rabb, I ask You to give her shifa, ameen.

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