All I want is a hug.

Bed time on 15th November 2013.

Mama: Bed time. You go to sleep.
Mujaheeda: Moving mouth and vocalizing.
Mama: Do you have something to say?
Mujaheeda: Slightly nods her head and moving her mouth.
Mama: Wait! I'll get PODD  book.
Mujaheeda: Vocalizing.
Mama: (Showing her the communication book)
Mujaheeda: Something to say. It's time for. Hug/cuddle.
Mama: Teary...


Anonymous said…
May Allah grant you the day where your daughter will meet you with wide open arms, free of restricted movement, at the gates of paradise. Sister, keep being strong, people might not understand all the extra work you do towards your daughter, but Allah never forgets any tiny deed. Inshallah all of your trials are opportunities to raise your status in paradise.
Lightnur said…
Ameen to your dua. You're so kind. Jazak Allah khairan.
suhan Hossain said…
thanks for share good news. i think very helpful news for me.thanks again.

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