Second Skin: Mujhee's third body splint for postural support.

Early this year Mujhee's Second Skin became really tight (the yellow one) because, masha Allah, she put a lot of weight during the summer school holidays. I remember I went to the Second Skin clinic to loosen it up. By the middle of the year it was way too tight for her and wouldn't fit on her anymore so the therapist at Second Skin suggested a new one.

At that time we could not get any funding so we missed the May clinic. Alhamdulillah by September 2012 Mujhee's funding was granted through the Association of the Advancement of Brain Injured Child (WA) Inc. and we got into the September clinic. In October her custom made suit was ready. She choose orange for her new suit. Masha Allah, you can see how much she has grown from the picture above.

Why does Mujhee need the second skin postural suit or body splint? Mujhee has difficulty to sit up, stand and walk because she has tight and stiff muscles as a result of the brain injuries during birth. The part of her brain that controls movement is affected. Some time she can't even hold her body and head up. This suit gives her stability for sitting, standing and walking (insha Allah one day). It can also improves her posture while reducing the risk of injuries that associate with poor postural. 

Mujhee had her spine x-ray last year and it showed a 15 % curvature. With this suit, which is designed for the management of scoliosis or curved spine, insha Allah, her spinal alignment can be improved and at least prevent it from a greater curve or spinal deformities.  

Masha Allah, it is not only giving stability and postural support but also helps with respiration and blood circulation. Insha Allah you can see why someone with spastic cerebral palsy like Mujhee is in need of this suit.

Alhamdulillah Mujhee gets the postural support that she needs not only from the second skin postural suit but also from her seating system.

For more info about Second Skin Postural Suit read here and postural support from seating system read here.


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