More seizures: New medication, new hope.

This is just a quick update about Mujhee's seizures. There are few reasons that make her seizures increase like viral infections, puberty and teething. Yes she is still teething at 9 years old. The tooth has been there for more than 6 months but the gum has not yet been pierced. Note to myself to call for a dentist appointment.

Her medication has been reviewed last Friday. She is on a new medication called oxcarbazepine. Her clobazam has been increased to 1 tablet twice a day. She is still on levitiracetam but the doctor will reduce it later as it hasn't helped in controlling the seizures.

Before the review she got more of the normal absence seizures like day dreaming by being very still followed by chewing movements, rapid breathing and rhythmic blinking. Her clonic or grand mal seizures has increased this time with the jerking of her arms, red colour in her face, excessive dribbling from the mouth and losing of her bladder control. Recently she has new types of seizures called gelastic seizures with the sudden burst of laughter and crying. Here's more information about gelastic seizures. Since the review, her seizures are getting much better but still are not in control.

This term of school (term 3 of 2013) she missed school a lot. When she is unwell, plus the increase of seizure, also means that she'll have sleeping problem too. Some days she would stay awake all night and sleep through out the day. Some days she can be awake for more that 24 hours but she won't go sleep for more that 12 hours.

I think it's just the same old thing happening with Mujhee. More seizures and new medication, medication which can't control seizure, a review, increase in medication, seizures will be controlled for a while and then the process is repeated again.

But hey, don't get me wrong. Life gets better. Alhamdulillah, I've not only been busy with my 6 adorable children. I'm doing great too, I love being the student of the Qur'an, I'm enjoying teaching Qur'an class on the weekend, I loves making skin care products for family and friends, I do craft and DIY home decorations, I like photograph nature and the list can go on and on.

I write my blog here.

When live get hard, don't lose hope. Never lose hope in Allah!


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