Eid al Adha: What are you willing to give up for Allah?

Last Tuesday, the 10th day of Zulhijjah, the last month of Islamic calender, Muslims celebrated Eid al Adha or Festival of Sacrifice, by slaughtering a sheep or other livestock and distributing the meat to the people in need. Traditionally the slaughter is done soon after the Eid prayer and at the masjid. Here in Australia it is done at the licensed slaughter house. Alhamdulillah, religious ritual slaughter is legal here.

Insha Allah, there are many ways you could make the sacrifice especially through the charity organizations like Islamic Relief AustraliaMuslim Aid Australia and Human Appeal Australia.

Muslims celebrate Eid al Adha to commemorate the faith of Prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam willingness to follow Allah's command to sacrifice his dearest possession, his own son Ismail alaihi salam and Ismail alaihi salam readily agreed to his father need to obey the command of Allah. In the end Allah provided him a sheep for sacrifice or qurban instead, as both of them submitted to the Will of Allah. You could read the story of Ibrahim's sacrifice here and watch it below.

Can you imagine yourself in the position of Prophet Ibrahim, sacrificing someone or something that you love dearly for the higher purpose? Who is your Ismail? What are you willing to give up for Allah?

There are many thing that I would do for the sake of Allah and for me parenting is full of necessary scarifies. I sacrifice my myself to be a staying at home mother to fulfill the amanah or trust from Allah to me. Instead of working and earning money there is no mistake when I choose to take the responsibility of fulfilling the trust by staying at home with my children 21 years ago.  because I want to raise righteous children. In sha Allah with the help of Allah, I would nurture, educate, manage and protect the growth of my children, as they are my first priority over anyone else.

I also scarify my hard work that was needed to raise a daughter with special needs. Alhamdulillah, being a mother prepared me for this challenge. I could not do it except Allah gave me the help, strength, patience and unconditional love.

I scarify my time with parental duties to fulfil my responsibility. I'm not saying I hate spending time with my children but as a mother I hardly get to spend quality time just for myself anymore, In sha Allah, if it's not in here there will be a time for it later, in the hereafter when we will gather together again.

Alhamdulillah, I wouldn't trade parenting for anything. It's all worth it because it will be a day when my Creator will ask me to account my responsibility as a mother and I hope that day I could tell Him that I raised my children with ihsan to the best of my ability to obey Him and to follow His messenger way. In sha Allah I'll have an easy account because I fulfill it.

Eid Mubarak to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Eid al Adha! May Allah accept it from us and you.

Allahu Akbar!


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