Topamax: The new anti-convulsive medicine for Mujhee.

This is going to be a review of Mujhee seizures. This is a post about her previous review, More seizures: New medication new hope.

Last week Mujhee's seizures got worse because she needs twice the Midazolam in a day to control her prolonged seizure. In the afternoon before Eid day, she has her seizures. Her father gave her Midazolam. Early in the morrning, when I got her ready for Eid prayer, she had more seizures. So I gave her another dose of Midalzolam. Alhamdulillah, she was alright with no prolonged seizures on Eid day but was sleeping all day. That night she could not sleep and her seizures came again. She was laughing continuously until tears came out of her eyes. That night I didn't give her Midazolam, tbecause her seizures were short and not more than 5 minutes although it kept coming. She didn't sleep that night. She fell asleep in the morning. In the afternoon she had another prolonged seizures activity so I gave her Midazolam. At night she had it again. The next day she sleep most of the day and awake at night. She missed school a lot because of this.

I noticed that her seizures got worse every second day now. The day that she was seizure free is the day when she sleeps all day and awake at night. Than early in morning her seizures will come again with another activitiy at night. These are the prolonged seizures that need midalzolam to stop. She could get more that 10 short seizures in a day that last for few seconds.

Basically this year Mujhee has developed more seizures and we have been increasing some dosages of her anti-convulsives medication and trying some new ones. Masha Allah, these medications can't control her seizures. On Friday she had her fifth medications review for this year and scheduled for another one before the end of this year. In this review, her neorologist introduces a new medication called Topamax. I already don't like the sound of Topamax's side effects.

She is on two tablet twice a day of Topamax. She is still with the same dosage of Frisium, one tablet twice a day. The Keppra is increased into 4 mls, twice a day. The Trileptal will be discontinued this Friday.

Insha Allah we're going to try Ketogenic Diet as a treatment for epilepsy.

Studies show that approx 1/3 of children treated with the ketogenic diet have greater than 90% seizure control with half of these becoming seizure free. An additional 1/3 gain a 50% reduction in seizures. The remaining 1/3 discontinue the diet due to its ineffectiveness or its difficulty. Epilepsy Queensland Inc.

When I writing this, there is a bit improvement as her seizures don't last longer. Alhamdulillah for the change and I hope her condition will only gets better.


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