Two Treatments in a Day

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Muja has her cranio osteopathy appointment yesterday at The Healing Point with Illana. The treatment took about 45 minutes on a massage table where she is touch or manipulate gently around the head, backbone and tight. She enjoyed her treatment by Illana and gave her a few smiles and communicate with her by making some sounds.

I was really sleepy because I stayed awake with Muja last night since 3 am. I was hoping that I could have a little nap to charge me up! But...Alhadulillah, May Allah give me strength, Ameen.

In the afternoon I took Muja to PMH for her 3rd Botox Injection on her tight muscles. When we arrived there the nurse did general check up and weight her. She weight 12.25 kg, Masha Allah. She has to be weight so that they can calculate out how much pain relief medicine to give to her. Last time they gave her something that made Muje scream, stiff and having seizures. Alhamdulillah they change into a different medicine and she was asleep with open eyes and hardly felt any pains.

I gave her Arnica to calm her and myself and Cuprum for her seizure. Before the injection the nurses put some cream on her inside tights and the back of her tights. A few minutes after the pain relief was given to her she felt asleep with open eyes. It was only after an hour we enter the treatment room where she received about 8 injections and only felt a bit of the pain. Alhamdulillah.

Cream on back of Muja tight before the Botox injections.

The cream is apply inside her tight before the Botox injections is given.

Last time we have to wait in an uncomfortable TV room. This time we were in a room in ward 5A where there are 6 beds in it. There were 4 more children came for the same injection but for different reason, but most of them or three of them because they are walking tip toe. The nurse made a mistake by putting cream on a wrong leg on one of the girl and I could hear the poor little girl screams from the treatment room. It sound scary to me. How could they make a mistake and the parents didn't realised it? They were so angry. I don't blame them.

After the injection Muja paediatrician discuss with me her MRI test result which showed some mild seizure which not to be worried. The test was done in April, 2007, and I was surprised they didn't contact me to discuss about the result sooner. She would discuss about any medication options went we see her in a month time.

Her paediatrician said that she won't be on Phenobarbiton this time as she was on it before since she was born until she was about 9 months. For nine months we had the worst nightmare in our life. Continues crying, spasm and awaking night. She was in her own world seperated from us. Her reflux was getting worst until we decided to stop the reflux medication with the help from our family doctor. Suddently her reflux gone!

With the help from our family doctor again, who said that Muja was a drug addict at that time, we stop the medicine. She only has couple of seizures since we stop. One when she had tummy infestions and one when we went for her 2nd botox injection.

We decided to do alternative treatment for many reasons which I am not going to discuss here yet. We went to homeopath to treat her seizure since Muja was 9 months old. At that time I remember she also had very bad urine infention and not to forget her reflux. We also used the homeopathic remedies for them and alhamdulillah she was better. Alhamdulillah the remedies really control her seizures as well. To me that was approved by her recent MRI test showing that she only has mild seizures activities. Alhamdulillah.

It was a long day for us from 9:30 am leaving the house to Healing Point. Got home, feed Muja. Had my lunch and pray Dzuhr then went to PMH. We arrived at the hospital at 12:50 pm and left it at 4:00 pm.

Muja was asleep when we leave the hospital. The medicine really make her sleepy. She was still asleep until 10 pm that night. She even asleep during our dinner time at Batavia Corner. Alhamdulillah, at least she has time for sleep.


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