Conductive education: Rolling over task

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

One of Muja conductive education tasks is rolling over all the way from toilet to her stool at the plinth where the laying task series is. Once she arrived at kindy she is taken to the toilet for toilet training. It takes at least couple of minutes. When she did wee, the conductor assistant usually make it a big thing and hoooray for Muja. Sometime she didn't do anything so her assistant put on her nappy on before the next task like rolling, crawling or walking.

In this post, I will post about her rolling over task at Conductive Education, Carson Street School in East Victoria Park. I remember on last post I promised to post about her walking task. Insha Allah, it is coming soon. Here, I have some photos of Muja rolling task. Before the task begin she wears her AFOs splint and arms wrap to stretch her arms.

Muja is laying on her back on the floor with her head in the middle.

The assistant helps stretch her arms up while her other leg cross over the other leg.

She keeps pushing her leg and roll over her body until she lay on her tummy.

The assistant assists Muja to stretch her legs straight and she holds her head up beautifully, Masha Allah.

She keeps doing the steps until reaches her plinth.


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