Muja in PMH for virus infection in her tummy, yet again.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

For two days Muja didn't go to school because she was sick and vomited. Usually when she gets virus in her tummy, she could be so dehydrated but sometimes she gets better after a few days. I gave her feeding continuously by setting the kangaroo pump on 50 ml/hour speed, but she still vomit up to 6 times on the second days. As she got hot on Thursday night and started shivering plus still vomiting, I asked her father what should we do. He got her some Panamax to control her fever but soon after that she vomited again. Then her father said to take her to PMH.

It was almost midnight when we arrived in PMH last Thursday night. Alhamdulillah there were not many sick children when we got in the emergency department, in fact it was only us. Not long after the nurse pre-examined her and I signed a paper work, we were called into the emergency ward. We waited for almost an hour when finally a doctor came. I explained to him the she was vomiting and have a bit of temperature during night time. She didn't have a runny nose or diarrhoea but few coughing after vomiting.

The doctor suspected either she got chest or urine infection. He also wanted her to stay in the hospital so then her blood and urine samples can be tested and to check her chest x-ray.

She was a bit dehydrated. An hour after that she was given a drip to pass fluid into her bloodstream, through a plastic tube and needle that goes into one of her wrist veins. It was a bit of struggles when the doctor tried to insert the needle into her veins. After that she became unsettled. Maybe she was not feeling comfortable with that on her wrist.

That night we were taken to isolation room in over flowing ward because there was no empty rooms in the other ward. After giving her some panadol for her fever she went to sleep at 2:30 am. She was awake around 7 am. Soon after that I took her to x-ray her chest. At around 9, a team of two doctors Amanda and I forgot the other one from developmental and rehabilitation department came with good news that she hasn't got any infections in her urine and her chest is clear. Her blood test was alright too. Alhamdulillah. So she has another virus in her tummy again. The two other doctors came Anna and Gavin also fron the same department. She recommended for Muja not to have her feeding until afternoon opposite what the first team of doctors for Muja to start her feeding right away. The nurse who was trying to do her jobs left confused.

The whole day on Friday, she was on drip. In the afternoon after we got a room in ward 8A, she was given fluid with salt to replace her mineral lost during vomiting through her nasogastric tube, the tube that goes down to her stomach through her nose. But soon after it finished she vomited heaps with blood coming from her mouth as she bit her inside check. She was so tired with an hour of vomiting and I had sore arms and back tring to relax her as she got so stiff. So that night she was not beeing fed with her normal formula, in fact it has been since last night she has had her last feeding. Doctor Amanda decided for her to have a rest that night without any feeding. That night she woke up every hour until I got her to sleep with me on my bed.

Saturday morning her father came early so I can go home. Alhamdulillah she didn't vomit with continuous feeding on 45ml/hour. Her doctor Gavin, who checked her that morning told her father that if she didn't vomit, we could take her home. She was given movelex to open her bowel as she hasn't done it in 5 days. She looked better when I came that Saturday afternoon. I was disappointed when the doctor wanted her to stay for another night. So we slept 3 nights at PMH. She slept on my bed like the other night, but that night she slept better.

On Sunday morning her doctor Anna told me that if she tolerate half of her normal feeding that we can go home. Alhamdulillah, she did not vomit.

When we left the hospital it was still raining but I am glad that we were going home.

I would like to thank all her doctors from Developmental and Rehabilitation Department and nurses who care for Muja while she was in the hospital. Special thanks to all my family (mak, Ikin, Fahmi, Aisha, Nojam, Nizam and my nieces and nephews) and friends who visited Muja. May Allah rewards you with good.


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