Home based therapies session for Muja from TCCP

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Last Monday, Muja therapists from The Center of Cerebral Palsy came home as usual to do a therapy session and a family meeting for this school term. The last family meeting was in February. Muja is in the Early Intervention Program run by TCCP. Most of her therapies are home based so instead of her going to the center, they come to our house.

Muja has been a member of TCCP since she was 7 months old. She was referred by Princess Margaret Children Hospital (PMH) to The Center for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP). TCCP is providing most of the treatments for her including physio therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathologists, mechanical aids, AFOs and developmental pediatricians. Muja also comes to the TCCP for playgroup, Techno Kids group and Hydrotherapy.

Most of Muja’s equipments are provided by TCCP also. It is a non profitable organisation and does not get funding from the government. She is depending on generous people to help fund for her special needs equipment which include her insert or seating frame, tray, walking frame, standing frame, bath chair, braces of AFOs and sleeping management. She needs the funds for repairing, maintaining and upgrading these equipment.

I am so sad that one of the agenda of the meeting was to transfer Muje from TCCP to Rockey Bay. Muja is going for full time school next year so the Early Intervention Program is coming to end for her.

After the meeting, the therapies began. The physiotherapist work on Muja upper body and to help her try to reach the switch where a toy is attached to it. At the same time the speech therapist giving Muja a choice of what toys to play with. She is also using Muja's communication book which have pictures in it. Muja usually blinks her eyes to indicate yes and look away or turn her head from the picture when indicating no.

While doing the therapy, I asked them what stretching is good for her arms which are usually bent to her body. Her occupational therapist showed me a stretch which is to turn her hands up.

Before finishing, her physiotherapist help her to sit on a stool while her speech therapist sang Old Mac Donald according to the animal Muja chooses. She kept choosing the pig. I wonder why? Maybe she likes pink.

Muja was so happy that afternoon. The next day the therapist from Vision Impairment came to do therapy for her vision which she enjoy it very much as well. Insha Allah I will post about it next time.


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