Botox: From wrinkle reduction to treating muscle spasticity.

This year Mujhee had her Botox injections on Feb 2011 and July 2011. For Mujhee, it is  to treat her muscle spasticity. For more information about Botox you can go here. Last time Mujhee had her Botox injection was on July 2009 and  that was before the lenghtening of her soft tissue surgery, on October 2009.

The first injections for this year was done on the first day of school term 1 (Feb 2011). Mujhee missed her school that day.

Both of the procedures were done in ward 5B. Mujhee was given a comfortable room because she was on midazolam for sedation . I felt more privacy here. Previously those who were going through this procedure were all put in a room. Usually up to 5 patients in a room plus parent and the medical team. It was very crowded. I am telling you, the service is getting better here in PMH. Alhamdulillah. 

After a general health check, cream was applied on the places where the injections were going to be given to reduce the pain from the injection . About half an hour before her injection, a Midazolam was given, to put Mujhee to sleep. In Mujhee's case, she looks sleepy but is still awake. It was not until the procedure finished, then she fell asleep.

Before the procedure, the doctor came in to asked about Mujhee's general well being. The injections was given in another room. For the very first time, she had an injections on her upper arm as well, just to make it easy for putting on and off clothing. Although Mujhee was not sleepy, she was quite calm. When the doctor injected her she screamed at some points because the needle must have hurt her. We were sent home after Mujhee had her feeding.

The second injection for this year was on July, the day her grandmother, hababati, left Perth. Usually the time between the injections was 6 months, but this time the doctor scheduled a month earlier. When I attended Mujhee's hips surveillance clinic, I told the doctor that Mujhee's spasm has got better soon after the Botox but it wears off four months after the Botox.

Alhamdulillah the procedure went well, and Mujhee was so sleepy she didn't complain about any pains when the doctor gave the injections. She has a total dose of 230 units to the adductors, rectus, femoris, psoas and pecturalis major. For your information, they are the muscles that was given the Botox injection at that time.

Before the procedure, I told Mujhee's pediatric that we have some issues with Mujhee seizures medication. She suggested to discuss them after the procedure. After the injection Mujhee's paediatric discussed with me about Mujhee's seizure. I complained that the medication she prescribed for Mujhee last time, the Keppra, does not control her seizures. After a long discussion she prescribed Clonazapam.

We went straight to the airport to farewell hababati, after the injections.


Anonymous said…
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